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Interactive Feedback Solution For ESL Teachers

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Fully Customizable

Create unique sentences and place them into categories for easy access. Once created they will always remain a part of your collection.

Time saving

Feedback made fast and easy! Never spend countless minutes writing feedback when you are only a few clicks away from tailoring custom made reports

Interactive Design

Click & Drop the sentences until you combine them into the desired form. Your students will adore you for such in-depth and meaningful feedback!

User-Friendly design with customazible features
  • Effective reprocessing

    Re-use your favorite sentences without ever typing them again.

  • Universal profile

    Use your credentials to log-in from any device on any platform. All of your sets will be waiting for you.

  • Mix it all up

    Sort blocks into different order and create inspirational messages for your students to read.

  • Rosanna Caffrey

    "Wow! This is an amazing tool and will be so useful for completing my daily feedback"

    Rosanna Caffrey, ESL Teacher.

  • Carolina Jasmins

    "I tried another similar tool some months back that I found in an ESL group post, but it was nowhere near as simple and useful as BlaBla"

    Carolina Jasmins, ESL Teacher.

  • McKenna Rae Mendenhall

    "BlaBla Commentz saves me hours on feedback for my students every week! I can customize all sentences to be what I would actually say so it has a splash of Teacher Kenna all the way to the end"

    McKenna Rae Mendenhall, ESL Teacher.

  • Jessica Paredes

    "It makes feedback so quick, and I’m able to add in sentences to keep each evaluation personalized to each student"

    Jessica Paredes, ESL Teacher.

  • Nenna Harris

    "I just reorder sentences and create new feedback, it’s super easy to do"

    Nenna Harris, ESL Teacher.

  • Debbie Lee

    "I just love how I can put in simple words and phrases and it will quickly and easily create a variety of sentences for me to leave feedback. It definitely prevents boring and repetitive feedback to be left for the students!"

    Debbie Lee, ESL Teacher.

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